CCoP Meeting Discussion – November 2017

On November 3rd, 2017 the SPNO hosted a Cross-Community of Practice (CCoP) Planning Session in Toronto. This meeting was a follow-up to the larger initial gathering of “education equity champions” described under “Getting Started – Year 1”, after which participants returning home to carry on the discussion of equity and inclusion in education for low income students in their respective communities.

The objectives for the November 3rd meeting were:

  • To review and discuss the Ministry of Education’s Equity Action Plan for Education in Ontario for guidance on what and where our project may have impact/make a contribution through knowledge mobilization.
  • To review and discuss the results of community conversations on equitable and inclusive education for low-income students and families held since our Year 1 CCoP meeting in Burlington.

    CCoP Meeting – November 2017
  • To define a focus and range of activities and identify our target audience(s) for our project and CCoP action over Year 2 (to August 2018).