In May 2017, SPNO’s social planning leaders from 14 communities across the province met to discuss how the SPNO should approach the KNSWB project. Following a full-day of discussion the following objectives were set for the short-term:

  • To bring knowledge and awareness on the inequitable and exclusionary experiences of students from low income families to educators at the local level in our communities (teachers, principals, superintendents, trustees).
  • To identify “champions” among local educators, parents and students willing to work together as a “Community of Practice” to develop approaches to and resources for addressing equity issues in their own local schools.
  • To facilitate the sharing of information and development of resources across participating communities as a “Cross-Community of Practice” on Equity and Inclusive Education.
  • To build a base of awareness and commitment among educators, parents and students in our communities (or some number of them) that could advocate for systemic change in the education system to end/reduce inequitable and exclusionary treatment for low income students and families.

It was agreed that the SPNO would plan and organize a cross-community meeting to develop a plan based on the preceding objectives.

Each participating SPNO local member agreed to identify and invite local “champions” (educators, students, parents, researchers) to join with SPNO provincial and community leadership in this planning exercise.